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Administrative Assistant

This program prepares the student to step quickly and competently into a paraprofessional accounting role. Canadian Business College graduates can seek work in the accounting field as Computerized Accountants, Bookkeepers, Accounting Assistants, Financial Assistants, or Accounting Clerks. CBC’s accounting courses are based on in-demand applications. The accounting training begins with the Accounting Overview and Bookkeeping, then moves into AccPac for Windows (corporate edition), as well as an integrated accounting system that incorporates Canadian payroll. Also included in the program are accounting related software programs such as spreadsheets and databases.


What are the skills that make a smart Administrative Assistant? Simply spectacular organizational skill of taking fast & correct decisions and ability of anticipating ; cracking glitches of daily work, Administrative Assistant in Toronto or elsewhere in the global economic world has to acquire all above capabilities and efficiency. The Administrative Assistant Program offered by Canadian College is contained highly skilled and with broad foundation of knowledge of Administrative Assistant quality traits. Most important quality of Administrative Assistant must have is, Assistant must have an excellent lingual knowledge, most vitally when its English Assistant must not do any mistake in spellings and grammar. Other skills like Computer mastery and strong knowledge of basic Microsoft Office tools; MS Office, outlook, Excel, Students participating with the Administrative Assistant course also known as Secretary Course may work as Office Administrator, Receptionist, General office Clerk.

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